KARACHI - Former Pakistan skipper Rashid Latif has predicted an agitation from the Federation of International Cricketers' Associations (FICA) and players , in the longer run, if the joint draft proposal from the Big3 - India, England and Australia - gets the required number of votes at the upcoming ICC meeting.
"If the proposal is implemented, the three boards will get the larger share of revenue, therefore, in future, the players could ask for a raise as well," he said in statement on Thursday. "The role of FICA, in that situation, could not be neglected either," he said.  "Unlike private clubs, national cricket boards like England, Australia and Indian could not sign legal contracts with their players ", he commented. The cricket boards of England, India and Australia have drafted a proposal to revamp the financial and administrative structure of the ICC.
Through, one of the main points of the proposal, the Big3 wants larger share in the ICC revenue. The draft proposal will be presented in the upcoming ICC meeting in Singapore on February 8 for voting. Citing the example of the leading football clubs, the former wicket-keeper/batsman said Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United buy players for millions of dollars; hence they push broadcasters for more money in return. "These football clubs earn a lot and in return pay huge salaries to their players and that too on weekly basis. On the other hand, cricketers are paid relatively lesser monthly wages, so in this situation, "I am sensing a revolt from players if they would not be financially benefitted like the Big3 boards", he concluded.