ISLAMABAD - A report submitted to the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) reveals that the national junior squash team had just thrown away their final match in the recently-concluded 17th Asian Junior Team Squash Championship final against low-ranked Malaysia.

The highly-placed sources have revealed these shocking facts of Pakistan junior squash team's dubious activities during the Asian Junior Team Squash Championship in Malaysia, where Pakistan, despite being the top seed, having services of the most senior and highly experienced players, lost the final against minnows Malaysia.

The sources confirmed to this scribe in black and white that it was almost impossible to beat Pakistani junior team, as they had a lot of experience of playing at senior level in the PSA events and there was absolutely no match between Pakistani team and other nations.

The sources said: “First of all, Pakistani team was highly over-confident, they reach 2:30am Malaysian local time and didn't take their breakfast and lunch and woke up at afternoon and same day, they had to play two matches against different opponents. Luckily, both the matches were relatively easy ones, despite that Pakistani players were stretched to limit before they won that matches. They remained out of their rooms till late nights, and were not ready to listen to their coach.”

“Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) should have sent a responsible person with the team, who could strictly maintained discipline and ensure players remain in their rooms not late than 9pm local time, just like head coach Faheem Gul, who tried his level best to ensure discipline, but the players were not ready to listen to him. Some ugly scenes were witnessed, as whenever Faheem wanted players to turn up early and have sleep well in time, they refused to pay any heed and kept out on regular basis. All instructions of the coach were fallen on deaf ears and players did whatever they wanted to as they had no fear of the coach or even the federation,” the sources added.

They also revealed that in the crunch final against the hosts Malaysia, when high-flying Asim Khan lost the first game, he was reprimanded by the coach, but instead of paying attention to the coach's advice, he misbehaved with the coach which was witnessed by a number of eye-witnesses.

Asim even went on to say Faheem should have minded his own business as he knew how to play squash better than Faheem. It was also witnessed during the Asim match, that he was not mentally and physically present on the court, and was playing like a school-going kid. It didn’t look like a thorough professional was playing.

“It seemed there was some fishy fishy as it was hard to believe strong Pakistani lost to relatively unknown local lads. There were whispers that the players willingly just throwing away final. It was almost impossible to believe Pakistani players were beaten rather it seemed they gifted final on plates,” they added.

The sources requested the PSF to must launch comprehensive inquiry and the report must be made public unlike of the Asian Games saga, where despite clear instructions of IPC Minister Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada to submit the report, the PSF didn’t disclose it yet.

In the past too, such allegations were hurled at the players for not giving their best and throwing away the matches. This practice must be stopped, and the federation must show some courage and give severe punishment to the players for letting the country down.

It is pertinent to mention here that head coach Faheem Gul has filed report to the federation against Asim Khan's behavior and also highlighted others issues. The report is now lying with PSF secretary Group Captain Amir Nawaz.

When this scribe contacted Amir, he confirmed that Faheem had submitted a report and shown some reservations on Asim. “We will look into the matter and will take action against those who will be found guilty.”

He ruled out possibility that Punjab Squash Association (PSA) would take action against the players as they belong to Punjab, now they were representing the country, so federation would handle the situation. “I have gone through the report and forwarded to Senior Vice President Air Vice Marshal (r) Syed Razi Nawab and decision will be made as per provision in the constitution,” Amir concluded.