Adelaide- The cricket World Cup could be won by any one of the "balanced" six or seven teams in the fray, according to India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

South Africa and Australia are seen as the favourites for the Feb. 14-March 29 tournament, while co-hosts New Zealand also loom as most people's third pick given a strong run of form at home against fellow contenders Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

"I feel this World Cup, most of the teams, they are quite balanced, and most of the teams are looking good," Dhoni said in a pre-World Cup media conference today.

"When I say most, it's in excess of six or seven teams that I'm talking about. So I feel it will be a very special World Cup for all the teams.

"It's a matter of which team is more consistent during the World Cup, what kind of momentum they take with them into the knockout stages and all of that will be crucial."

Dhoni was unconcerned about his own side's lack of positive results heading into the World Cup after they lost their test series to Australia then all three of their one-day matches in a triangular tournament that also included England.

The wicketkeeper, however, said they had been written off previously only to come right when they needed to.

"When we went and played the Champions Trophy (in 2013) we were in a similar situation like this and the guys stepped up, that's what I feel is important," he added.

"What we have seen is how you rise to an occasion like this and how you take the confidence forward to something that's more important."

The last World Cup had created enormous pressure on the host nation and Dhoni said that would have some impact on Australia and New Zealand, though the expectations would probably not be the same as his side experienced in 2011.

"It is slightly tough. It's not something that a lot of home teams have won," said Dhoni. "The expectation of the people, it's very high.

"I think the same will apply to the Australians and the New Zealand side, but at the same time, their culture is slightly different, so what's a kind of expectation level that we'll have to wait and watch."

Dhoni's wife gave birth to their first child on Friday and while he was delighted by the arrival of his daughter he was totally focussed on the World Cup.

"Mum and daughter both are good," he said.

"But (the) World Cup is a very important campaign, and everything can wait as of now."