LAHORE - A good number of people complained of the non-stop armed robberies taking place in Gujjarpura police precincts as Lahore DIG (Operations) Dr Haider Ashraf appeared before the public at an open court here on Friday.

Lahore operations police chief was attending the open court at Government Degree College Gujjarpura when a senior citizen pointed out a considerable rise in armed robberies in Lahore. Lahore SSP (Investigation) was also present on this occasion.

Later, another man informed the DIG that the local police are unable to control street crimes in the locality. He further said that fear and terror had gripped the entire vicinity because of rise in robberies.

Also, a woman appeared before the DIG and said that narcotics dealers are actively operating in the area but the police have failed to stop the drug trade. She demanded strict action against the elements involved in narcotics selling.

On this occasion, DIG Haider Ashraf expressed his dissatisfaction over the police performance and warned the station house officer (SHO) that strict disciplinary action would be taken against him if he failed to control crimes within one week.

The DIG also directed the SP and DSP concerned to launch a special crackdown against the criminals in the entire area and report back to him within 15 days. The police officer also listened to the complainants one by one and issued orders to redress the genuine grievances of the public. He warned the policemen that strict departmental action would be taken against those found involved in malpractice or misuse of power.