LAHORE - Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) has drawn attention of NAB chairman towards allegations of over Rs45 billion corruption committed by the collusion between Sindh government and Bahria Town in Karachi Metro Bus Project.

The TIP has received a complainant wherein it was alleged that in March 2014 Bahria Town announced to construct Karachi Metro Bus Service from Bahria Town to Airport and Tower, and the estimated project cost was Rs25 billion rupees which is now being claimed to have surged to Rs70 billion in January 2015, in just 10 months time.

Bahria Town was supposed to bear the expenses of the Rs 25 billion project. But on February 5, 2015, it was announced that Bahrai Town will construct 54 kilometers long project in 11 months time, at cost of Rs70 billion, and it will give loan to Sindh government of Rs42 billion for 15 years. Sindh government will fund Rs20 billion, and will take Rs 8billion from federal government, and that the agreement will be executed on Monday February 9, 2015.

A Letter addressed to NAB chairman by TIP spoke that the cost of construction from Bahria Town Gadap, to Sohrab Goth, shall be funded by Bahria Town, as it was announced by the Bahria Town chairman in March 2014 that this project is to serve the residents of Bahria Town Gadap.

Bahria Town on its website made the announcement that “Bahria Town is launching the first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Karachi, similar to the Lahore and Rawalpindi Metro Bus service.

An amount of Rs25 billion is being spent by Bahria Town for this project which will be funded completely by Bahria Town without any government funding”.