Washington - Afghan Taliban have described the four-way talks in Islamabad as a one-sided affair.

Afghan Taliban sources, contacted by Voice of American (VOA) for reaction on the outcome of the quadrilateral group meeting, called the process a “one-sided affair” which would “not produce any results.”

“Foreigners are continuing their war and killing innocent Afghans,” they said, adding that the only solution was for the foreign forces to withdraw from the country. “We have no other option but to continue the war under these circumstances,” the sources added.

Earlier, the Taliban had also demanded a release of their prisoners, including those held by the US and removal of their senior leaders from the United Nations sanctions list as preconditions to ending hostilities.

According to Reuters, senior members of the Afghan Taliban said they had decided not to participate in Saturday’s four-way talks in Islamabad, citing objections to the presence of both the United States and the current Afghan government. “We believe in dialogue and feel that all the issues can be resolved through negotiations, but we don’t have any trust in the US and puppet Afghan government,” said a senior member aligned with Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, leader of the largest Taliban faction.

In an interview with Reuters this week, Afghan government Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah said elements of the Taliban could join talks within six months, but the latest statement suggests officials are looking at a more ambitious timetable.