We as members of ‘Citizens Against Weapons’, working for a peaceful and weapon-free Pakistan are deeply dismayed at the reported news of the Prime Minister and other members of ruling elite acquiring arms licenses for themselves. We strongly condemn and protest against acquisition of weapons by those who are themselves responsible to put an end to weapons and militancy in Pakistan.

The fact that the arms licenses (many of the prohibited bore) were acquired by the Prime Minister, the son of the President of Pakistan, Justice Sarmad Jalal Osmany and Mohammad Saqib Jillani speaks volumes about the hypocrisy and dichotomy between words and actions of the Pakistani elite. These are the same people who receive obscenely disproportionate security from the state. Billions of Rupees from tax payers’ money and thousands of policemen are dedicated to protect this class.

Mr. Prime Minister, your actions make it difficult for the people to believe in your seriousness. We urge upon you, Mr. Prime Minister to understand the implication of your actions, be a role model, give up your weapons, and ask your colleagues to do the same. There must be no conflict in the minds of Pakistanis that you are genuinely a peace loving Prime Minister of Pakistan and not a representative of NRA (National Rifle Association).


Lahore, December 15.