MULTAN: The conjoined twin sisters breathed their last at Children Complex Hospital here the other night. Hospital sources said that they were brought to the hospital on complaint of chest infection six days back and they succumbed to the infection attack.

The conjoined baby girls were born to a labourer Nazar Abbas and the family named them Fatima and Aleeza. The Punjab Government took the responsibility to take care of the conjoined twins after the airing of the news of their birth and they were given medical aid by the state for free till their death.

A local medical board had examined the girls and decided to send them to Children Complex Hospital Lahore for the surgery for separating their bodies. However, the board was not sure whether the surgery would become successful as the conjoined twins shared a number of organs, which are essential for every individual to exist.

Later on, the provincial government ordered constitution of another medical board to examine the conjoined twins. The second medical board, which was consisted from specialist doctors from Lahore and Multan, concluded that the surgery to separate the baby girls could not be performed as they shared one heart, liver, stomach and intestine.–Staff Reporter