Historically feminism came to existence after the critical eexamination of inequality between sexes and gender in the society. It was first started in the west when liberal minded people demanded for social, economical and political equality between sexes or gender.

In the pre- Islamic era the condition of women was worst but after the birth of Islam our Holy Prophet ( PBUH) give equal right’s to the women. Islam believes in the equal rights between male and female and there is no gender discrimination in Islam. Islam has given every rights such as marriage diverce, social, property right, political right and right of inherent.

Similarly the famous Greek philosopher Plato also discussed in Chapter five of his great work, the Republic the social and political status of women, which is also considered the first feminist in the history of philosophy.

In the modern world the movement for the rights of gender equality was first observed in the early 1970s in the west. At that time there were different schools of thought who were demanding for the gender equality such as Freudian feminism, Marxist feminism, radical feminism, liberal feminism, black feminism and post modern feminism. Every school of thought have demanded different rights for female and define gender discrimination on their own level.

In history of Pakistan from the first day of independence women were fighting for their right and at that time Fatima Jinnah , Mr’s Liaqat Ali Khan were the famous women who were demanding equal rights for women.


FATA, December 15.