COZ Los Angeles - Matt Damon doesn’t think he deserves the best actor Oscar. In just a few weeks’ time, Hollywood’s elite will be honoured at the Academy Awards, with Oscar-winner Matt once again in the running for a statue. He went home a winner at this year’s (16) Golden Globes, but his nomination in the comedy category for sci-fi drama The Martian didn’t sit well with some. At the Oscars, he’s up against Leonardo Dicaprio, Bryan Cranston, Michael Fassbender, and Eddie Redmayne, who all portray real life people. “Oh, I think there are other performances that might deserve it more,” Matt admitted to Britain’s Independent newspaper. Maybe it will finally be the turn of five-time nominee Leonardo? “Leo’s my buddy,” is all Matt would say. As well as Oscars aspirations and acting, Leonardo and Matt are both big on charity work. Matt has invested a lot of his time into helping the poorest parts of the world have access to clean water with his charity, starting the campaign #buyaladyadrink. “I don’t want to speak for Leo, but I imagine that he’s like me,” he started. “We woke up one day and saw that we had a huge sphere of influence - a megaphone to society - and we decided that we had to do something with it. “It’s a pleasure rather than a duty, but I do see it as an act of responsibility, giving back for my own good fortune.”

As one of Hollywood’s most successful actors, and also a talented writer and producer, Matt explained it’s not a case of work not being enough for him. Rather, he wants his A-list status to be put to good use.

It was during a charity trip to Zambia that the 45-year-old had his “light bulb” moment. After talking with a little girl about her hopes to be a nurse, Matt decided he wanted to set up his own organisation to help those in need.

“It reminded me of the way Ben (Affleck, his close friend from childhood) and I would say as kids, ‘One day we’re going to go to New York and be famous actors!’” he said.