LAHORE - Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaulllah Khan has slammed the critics of Orange Line, saying opponents are ‘given false facts about the mega project and doing political point scoring’.

“The project will be completed at any cost, Sana told the media yesterday. Claiming transparency in the Metro train project, he challenged its critics to prove fraud at any forum.

He said the project is being completed through the soft loans obtained from Chinese banks with seven years grace period over the 20 years to repay it and not a penny has been transferred to it from any other development scheme.

He also denied declaration of any emergency to pay the owners of land who he said, have been compensated.

The minister also assured that no national heritage would be damaged and the visitors to them would also not face any problem. He said a separate outlay has been made to decorate and preserve the heritage.

He said to a question that they desired earliest completion of the project as a matter of saving increase in the cost. But the Opposition parties of the government, he said, want delay in the completion to play politics which will not be allowed.

He said every mega project of the PML-N government was criticized but when it completed and provided best services to the masses it became a shut-up call to the critics. The said those who today are terming the project one to destroy the Punjab, would themselves have their politics destroyed after completion of the Metro project.

He said the train project has been initiated after thorough homework and big efforts of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif who held incessant visits to China to work out its details. He said the actual cost of the project was $2.4billion which was cut down to $1.47billion after detailed negotiations. Sana said the Metro train is a great gift of China to Pakistan for which we are grateful to it.

He said 1,000 acres of land has been acquired for project and under instruction of the CM owners being expeditiously paid for their property.