LAHORE - A Malaysian woman, after losing legal battle against her Pakistani husband, has appealed to the country’s highest authorities for help in getting her son’s custody.

Zarena Bibi Binti Omar Din, while addressing a news conference at Lahore Press Club yesterday, said she was fraudulently deprived of her son by ex-husband.

“On top of everything, I am a human being, a Muslim, and a mother. I am not violating any law. I am here all alone and defenseless. This is a plight of a mother who has been deprived of her child,” said the mother who has lost a year-long legal battle.

Zarena had married to Mohammad Talib Abdul Rauf, a resident of Mansehra district who also holds US passport. The wedding took place in Malaysia several years go.

She had filed a custody case in the Peshawar High Court in February, 2015, only to be dismissed after her ex-husband produced the boy before the court. She had filed another appeal in the Supreme Court of Pakistan last month.

According to the Zarena, she was given two hours to meet her son during the case gearing Islamabad. She pleaded the court that she wanted to spend few days with her son but her plea was not taken into consideration.

“I would like to make an appeal to the highest authorities of Pakistan, to reunite me with my son, so both of us can go back to our home country Malaysia rather than being illegally confined here in the hands of the relatives of my ex-husband.”

She insists that her son is a Malaysian national who was provided with Pakistani passport and national identity card without giving up his Malaysian nationality. “Malaysia does not allow dual nationality to its citizen. Any passport issued to him is void. He can’t surrender his nationality until he is 21-year-old. So, he is still a Malaysian national.” “How can this system allow the relatives of my ex-husband to hold my son’s custody, when his mother (herself) is here and very much alive and possesses all the qualities and means to raise the boy,” she further questioned.