ISLAMABAD: Two PIA flights carrying seven hundred and twenty-five Umrah pilgrims from Jeddah, have landed at Benazir International Airport Islamabad.

The first flight PK-7330 carried four hundred passengers while the second flight PK-760 carried three hundred and twenty-five passengers.

Meanwhile, a PIA plane carried passengers from Islamabad to Gilgit, while another flight airlifted passengers from Gilgit to Islamabad.

Flights PK 4232 and PK 605 departed for Abu Dhabi and Gilgit from BBIA this morning, while flights PK 4231 and 606 arrived at Islamabad airport from Abu Dhabi and Gilgit and Jeddah-Islamabad flight PK 7330 landed at BBIA around 2:37pm, flight data shows.

The government has appreciated the commitment of PIA staff to their country.

Although the PIA employees' Joint Action Committee (JAC) has resolved to continue their protest against the government's plans to privatize the national flag carrier, PIA spokesman Daniyal Gillani says flight operations are "partially on" and is optimistic they will pick up in the coming week.