LAHORE - Chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) Hafiz Saeed has said the United States and India have joined hands to unleash propaganda against Pakistan to get it declared a terrorist state.

“Both these countries don’t want Pakistan economically getting closer to China through CPEC while a strong Pakistan possessing nuclear arms means to them Islamabad leading the whole Muslim world which they badly repulse,” Hafiz Saeed told journalists here yesterday.

He said India playing proxy of America has targeted Balochistan, Sindh and Gilgit-Biltastan to keep the pot of unrest and chaos boiling in Pakistan. Allegations of terrorism on Pakistan are propaganda the project of which is being shared both by Indian and western media, he added.

The JuD leader lamented shift in the Kashmir policy of Pakistan and said: “Pakistan under foreign pressure after 9/11 alienated itself from freedom struggle of Kashmir and as CBMs allowed India to erect fence and dig out bunkers at Line of Control (LoC) and renamed freedom fighters as terrorists.

“This badly shook confidence of the Kashmiri people while Pakistan continued to weaken Kashmir policy under foreign pressure.”

Citing the public enthusiasm on Kashmir day, Saeed sought clarity whether it reflected deviation for the past mistakes on Kashmir policy. However, he appeared worried that Pakistan was not properly presenting Kashmir at the international level.

Saeed said despite the fact responsibility for Pathonkot attack has been owned by Kashmiri leader Sallahuddin as retaliation to atrocities by Indian forces on Kashmiris, India is pointing finger at Pakistan which, he added, has failed to adequately present its present point of view before the world on this score. “India is bent upon implicating Pakistan in Pathankot incident,” he opined.

Denying any role in Mumbai terror attacks of 2008, Hafiz Saeed said after UN put ban on him and his party, he offered himself and his party to the judicial scrutiny of the United Nations to prove innocence “but the world forum only acknowledged receipt of their repeatedly sent pleas and never took action”.

The superior judiciary of the country, he said, probed charges and found nothing against him and his party.

The Pakistani government should have put these facts before the world but it didn’t while he continued to be grilled by the Indian media without any defence, the JuD chief regretted.

“Pemra put ban on my appearance on the electronic media denying me response to the propaganda campaign of Indian media against me,” he further said.

Hafiz Saeed also accused India of using Afghan soil to turn Pakistan into a battlefield. “Indian consulates in Afghanistan are, in real, training camps of terrorists who are being infiltrated into Pakistan to wreak havoc. This fact now has come to the limelight after attack on APS Peshawar and Bacha Khan University Charsadda whose planning was done in Afghanistan by the Indians.”

“It is time to take bold decisions and shrug off policy to accept pressure from outside and budging to others demands,” he further called upon the government.

The JuD chief also spoke against the ideology of ISIS, or Daesh, and termed the terror outfit was brainchild of United States and its allies. He said his organisation was spending huge amount on welfare projects to thwart anti-Pakistan conspiracies in order to save people from being trapped to these plans due to lack of basic facilities.