A stupendous performance by Quetta Gladiators at the Dubai Cricket Stadium stole the limelight. Among the things it overshadowed was the horrendous act of terror carried out on actual grounds of Quetta.

On one side there was the masterful stroke-play of the Quetta Gladiators’ batsmen at the PSL (Pakistan Super League), while on the other side in the veridical Quetta people were drenched in their own blood, devastated by the performers of terrorism.

Had these people been of Gaza or Burma, they would’ve been supported by us, the Pakistanis. We might have taken time off from the cricket telecast to mourn their deaths.

In a sane world, nations would be shocked by the dreadful scenes of people lying in their own blood, killed mercilessly and viciously. But quite often that’s not what happens in our neck of the woods.

The scenes of Aylan Kurdi washed away at a shore in Turkey appalled the whole world, but Samreen, the girl aged 13 never made it to the national news channels, let alone international news outlets. Not many know that her life was savagely cut short by terrorists.

This, I think, merely is because of the fact that Aylan and others concerned more of the population of that part of the world than Samreen and others like her concerned us.

In fact even we, the people of Pakistan, decried Aylan’s unfortunate death more than Samreen’s.

While surfing social media for reactions of the people of Pakistan in general, and that of Quetta in particular, what saddened me the most was that even the locals were more into cricket match than the suicide blast in the city.

One post was so apathetic it literally sucked out hope from within me.

A man wrote: ‘Way to go Quetta!’

The collective cold behavior towards the killings of our fellow Pakistanis will certainly plunge us more on the course of catastrophe.

We are blindfolded by irrational priorities that has led us to being insensitive to killings.

Of course when people demand cricket they are shown cricket. The hard-nosed business of TRP is real, and it floods the viewers with their interests.

May be sixes at PSL by Quetta Gladiators were our viewership demand instead of knowing what was happening near Liaquat Park in the city today, where a suicide bomber killed 10 and injured 40 local citizens.

I would like to pray for the departed souls, and hope they be in a better place than what they left behind: an apathetic society, whose people are more concerned about number of sixes hit in PSL than bodies buried in graves due to terrorism.