LAHORE - As many as 10,000 vehicles were registered through 23 online dealers in the districts of Lahore, DG Khan, Rawalpindi, Multan and Faisalabad under a Dealer Vehicle Registration System (DVRS).

DVRS is a joint project of Excise & Taxation Department of Punjab and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), initiated for the elimination of bogus and non-registered vehicles in the province.

The project was formally launched in November 2016 by the chief minister while it is being expanded to Bahawalpur and other districts of Punjab province.

The new system is helping reduction in late registration of vehicles and evasion of government tax on vehicles while facilitating the citizens in the registration process of their vehicles before it leaves from the dealer’s showroom.

 All types of vehicles including motorbikes are being registered through this automated system.

For this prompt technology base service, the buyers of new cars pay Rs2000  and for motorbike Rs500 extra to the dealer. The average new registration under this system in five districts of Punjab is noticed above 100 vehicles per day, which is expected to increase with the expansion of it in other districts of the Punjab province.

Revenue Collected through this technology based system comes to Rs88,736,990 by registering 10,346 new vehicles, which include 8607 motorbikes, 1377cars, 306 commercial vehicles and 56 imported vehicles. 

This system significantly minimized the usage of vehicles with forged number plates in acts of terrorism and has facilitated the citizens by curbing the malpractices/ chances of corruption/bribe, elimination of agent mafia, long ques in vehicle registration process, delays and repeated visits. No one can now drive vehicle with applied for title after the introduction of this system.