In reference to media reports about Israel’s PM who is under investigation by their police for allegedly receiving gifts worth thousands of dollars. This is in sharp contrast to our PMs, presidents, bureaucrats, generals and even traders who are the recipients of millions of dollars from foreigners or through money laundering, in addition to their habit of abusing powers.

From a former police ranker to the front man of the former President along with numerous other public office holders, both elected and paid, are individuals whose foreign and local assets cannot be justified by their declared means of earning or tax returns. Land grabbing of private and state land cannot occur without a nexus of state institutions and law enforcement. These land barons have penetrated every segment of officialdom and political elite, assuming the status of an industry with tax amnesties so attractive that investment in industry is jeopardized.

It is obligatory for any state, especially one which calls itself Islamic, that the government should be ruthless across the board regarding accountability starting from head of state to followed by ministers and civil servants of the state. Fines and penalties for food adulteration and black marketing are so small that they downplay the disastrous consequences on the health of people, causing death or permanent disabilities. Investment in education, health and the provision of clean water is at the bottom of the to-do list of the government and state welfare is confined for the affluent or paid office holders only.


Lahore, January 6.