LAHORE - Former army chief General Mirza Aslam Beg has said that Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed was detained to please India.

In a statement issued by JuD media cell yesterday, General Beg was quoted criticising government Kashmir policy and demanding immediate release of Dawa chief.

“There is no justification of Hafiz Saeed house-arrest. He made no crime. I feel Hafiz Saeed’s only crime is to raise voice for the Kashmiris,” he said.

Markazi Jamiat Ehlehadith chief Senator Sajid Mir, who is a government ally and a political opponent of Hafiz Saaed’s organisation, also condemned JuD chief and allies detention in a statement issued from Jamia Qudsia, the head office of JuD. He called government to reverse its decision and release JuD leadership.

The statement also quoted Jamhori Watan Party chief Shah Zain Bugti, PML-Q leader Ajmal Khan and Jamaat-e-Ehlehadith chief Abdul Ghafar Ropri condemning detention of JuD leadership and demanding his release.

They said the government made illegal decision just to please foreign power without considering its domestic implementation.

Meanwhile, Muslim Medical Mission (MMS) held demonstration to express solidarity with Kashmiri Muslims and against the detention of Hafiz Saeed and other leaders outside Press Club. Professors, Doctors different hospitals and students of medical department participated in demonstration.

They carried placards containing text against Indian aggression in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and detention of Hafiz Saeed.

MMS Coordinator Doctor Nasir Hamdani, Doctor Khawar Iqbal, Doctor Asim Saifullah, Doctor Abdul Rauf, Doctor Muhammad Ali and others addressed the demonstration. They said that Indian army crossed the limit of cruelty and barbarity in IOK. Eyes of Hundreds of Kashmiris were lost after martyrdom of Burhan Wani. Thousands of Kashmiris were injured and they had no healthcare facilities. Indian army was torturing injured people, they said.

Speakers strongly condemned the detention of Hafiz Saeed and demanded of government to release him immediately. “Hafiz Saeed raised strong voice against Indian state terrorism and announced to observe 2017 for Kashmir. He arranged programs of doctors, traders, students and other departments. Government detained him on the pressure of Modi Government.”

The MMS leaders also demanded of the government to send meals, medicines and other items of necessities to IOK like Freedom Flotilla. “Doctors are ready to go IOK for providing healthcare facilities to palette victims and other injured Kashmiris,” they added.

They urged the government to expose Indian state terrorism and usage of prohibited weapons on UN among all International Forums. “It is our duty to help oppressed Kashmiris. Kashmiris comprehend Pakistan as their biggest advocate. They are burying their martyrs in Pakistani flag. It is need of the hour to immediate help them,” they further said.