When Muneeb Farooq said that the government’s priorities were wrong -roads, flyovers and Metro Bus instead of the all-important dams – does he not know that the issue of the Kalabagh Dam has been badly politicised by the top leadership of PPP and ANP who tell the people of Sindh that the province will become a desert if the dam is built.

Even the mention of the Kalabagh Dam causes a riot in the senate and the national assembly. Very recently the Chairman of WAPDA was made to resign for advocating for the Kalabagh Dam in the media.

Does he not know that Nawaz Sharif has been trying to get a consensus on the dam since 1991? There isn’t enough space here to recount his continued efforts in his second and even the third term. Does Muneeb Farooq not know it was Benazir Bhutto who rejected the Accord? On another note though, is it really Muneeb Farooq’s fault that he does not know about these things, did any newspaper care to set the record straight or sift facts from fiction in order to keep its readers well informed? No Sir, we are all to blame; the anchor persons, the editors, the columnists, the intelligentsia etc. We have done nothing to strengthen the government’s hands. It does not make sense for us now to sit in TV studious and pontificate when the water is going to run over our heads.


Lahore, January 8.