Constitutional and legal experts have declared establishment of panchayat system as an alternative structure which is imposed across the world. 

The experts said that the need is to stop its misuse by holding strict monitoring and inspection. They said that this system would surely increase the performance of judiciary by 30 percent as the minor cases will be transferred to the ADR centers for hearing.

The cases would be resolved in little time with minor fee whereas complaints regarding delay in the verdicts would also be decreased.

Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed supported the bill pertaining to imposing panchayat system and said that it will assist in ensuring justice to the victims.

Senior expert Justice (r) Anwar Mansoor Khan said that the law was prepared after the suggestions of different lawyers and that experienced members are required for the panel.

Justice (r) Khawaja Naveed Ahmed said that the law would have a legal status. However, the system can be led successfully under the supervision of deputy commissioner or retired judges.