On the occasion of Salman Taseer’s sixth death anniversary, some grunt led religious elements that tried to ‘celebrate’ his assassination. The next night members of politico-religious parties vandalised colourful murals painted on the walls of Press Club Karachi. Unfortunately, forces of evils covered in religion are abolishing the beautiful art and culture of our society. I appreciate the efforts of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who stressed the need for the operation, Zarb-i-Qalam, along with the ongoing anti-terror operation, Zarb-i-Azab, to fight the mindset of terror. There was a dire need of national counter narrative and the State has taken a good initiative in the right direction.

The intelligentsia and media would have to play their role further to resolve the issues which extremists try to make controversial easily for instance blasphemy laws, the role of NGO’s, polio vaccination, girls education and women’s right to vote. Similarly, it is also necessary to review the curriculum in the text books and make arrangement to devise the syllabus according to the requirement and needs of the hour.


Faisalabad, January 6.