AIDS is becoming the most important issue of the modern world. According to AIDS Epidemic Update 2000 and the World Health Organisation (WHO), the current number of people living with HIV or AIDs is 36.1 million, more than 50% higher than predicated in 1991. Furthermore, this number is increasing everyday hour and minute. The greatest number of inhabitants sick with AIDs or HIV live in Africa. Over 17 million Africans have already died of AIDs. This number is three times the number of AIDS death in the rest of the world, which orphans more than 10 million or more Africans children. The AIDS situation in Africa continuous to head the list as the world’s most affected region, said Peter Piot, Executive Director of UN AIDS. According to his report, estimated 3.8 million people became affected with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa, during the year bringing the total number of the people living with HIV, AIDS in the region to 25.3 million more than in 1999. I request the government of Africa to help the people with this issue. 


Kech, January 18.