Islamabad - Consumers visiting the H-9 bazaar have expressed satisfaction over quality of edible items provided to citizens at reasonable rates thrice a week as compared to other markets.

A great rush of visitors is witnessed at the bazaar during all three days - Tuesday, Friday and especially Sunday. 

Coordinator Capital Development Authority Muhammad Kamran told APP that the bazaar was set up in 1980 with an aim to provide subsidized quality products to citizens of the capital, particularly the low-income group.

He said the bazar was divided into nine different sections where a wide range of vegetables, fruits and other daily use items were available at well-organized stalls with prominent display of rate lists.

He informed that the meat, fish and poultry shops were being separated from other stalls to keep people away from unpleasant smells and odour.

    Mrs Jawad, a resident of G-9 sector, appreciated the sasta bazaar facility from where middle class people could purchase their desired items at reasonable prices without bargaining.

    “Shopping once a week at the bazaar is enough for small families like us, after which we do not feel the need to go to any other market,” she added.

    Another visitor Muhammad Sajjad said the bazaar was a great place for buying fresh and hygienic vegetables, fruits and other food stuff at controlled rates.

A shopkeeper Gul Khan, who runs a vegetable stall, said the weekly bazaar was a win-win situation for both consumers and shopkeepers because visitors are able to buy a variety of different items at affordable rates and stallholders do good business in three days.