QILA DIDAR SINGH-People, especially the commuters are facing difficulty due to encroachments on Hafizabad Road and Main Bazaar.

The encroachments are blocking the way of pedestrians as well as the motorists travelling regularly between work and home.

Talking to The Nation, locals said that shopkeepers in the main bazaar allow vendors to establish stalls in front of their shops against Rs5,000 to Rs10,000 monthly rent. Besides, cart vendors occupy the road from several sides and places, leaving very narrow path for the people to pass through. Moreover, frequent traffic jams caused by illegal rickshaw stands on the road add to motorists' woes.

They said that they have submitted numerous complaints to the authorities concerned for solution to their problems but to no avail.

They demanded the administration and the police higher-ups order removal of the encroachments.


The cooking oil made of the wastes of slaughtered broiler is being sold in Qila Didar Singh. It has been learnt during a survey that this kind of spurious oil is being supplied to the local market and small bazaars. Local restaurants, fish shops and hotels use this oil in cooking of meals because it is available in the market at cheaper rates than other famous brands of oils. Citizens are reportedly falling victim to diseases i.e. digestive disorders due to consumption of foodstuff cooked in such oil. They demand action against the malpractice.