BADIN - Local growers Tuesday protested against water shortage and mills owners for their denial of purchasing sugarcane on the government rate of Rs182 per 40kg.

According to details, local growers hailing from Khairpur Gamboh and others cities and towns of Badin held a protest demonstration against acute shortage of water in subdivision Khairpur Gamboh and others canals of Badin district and also protested against the mills owners for giving due rate of the sugarcane fixed by Sindh government and apex court too.

The protest was lead by Sindh Abadgar Association President Pir Fayaz Shah Rashidi, Syed Abid Ali Shah Rashidi, Tarique Mehmood Arain, members of district council Badin, Lutuf Ali Malkani, Sindh Chamber of Agriculture President Kabool Muhammad Khatian, Zaffar Gujjar and others was concluded at outside of Badin Press Club followed by the sit-in.

Addressing the gathering, representatives expressed that deliberate shortage of water in tail end including Dehi Jarkas, Khoski, Bangaar, Khairpur, Sangi, Ali Abad, Basran 2, Bhugra Memon, Seerani were being hatched while shortage of water flow in different canals of Badin including Shadi Small Wah, Akram Wah, Naseer Canal, Ahsan Canal and others devastated agriculture system of Badin district and growers were sustaining huge economic loss also because not purchasing sugarcane on fixed rate by mills owners.

They said that they were unable to cultivate crops timely.