KARACHI - We are fortunate to have China our close friend, since China has kept itself in line with the rapidly changing world due to its farsighted vision, says Dr Musadik Malik, Adviser to Prime Minister of Pakistan.

“CPEC will bring great investment in the country, it’s up to us if we want to become a partner of that economic projects or a consumer. Just learning Chinese is not enough, we have to build cultural linkages with the Chinese people, in order to take maximum benefits from CPEC. Whatever we are seeing today will become ineffective and invalid in tomorrow, the world is rapidly changing and developing that today, we can’t even predict which seemingly impossible things will be a reality in coming few years. Today’s children can’t even imagine a life without mobile phones”.

He was addressing welcome dinner of 5th Deans and Directors Conference held at Iqra University organized by National Business Education Accreditation Council in collaboration with Iqra University. Vice Chancellors, Deans and Directors of city’s public and private sector varsities were also present on the occasion. Discussing about the education system of the country, Malik was of opinion that examination system in our varsities had become outdated, it had become irrelevant in the modern world.

Musadik Malik said it needs to be revised in accordance with the contemporary trends and demands. Our universities will have to change in order to meet the demands of the modern world. Our education system must inculcate creative skills among students; no education system is effective unless it kills the fear of failure from students.

“Our government is committed to reform our education system; we have heavily invested in the education sector and will continue to do so. Universities don’t just educate students but their job is to prepare them for future. Science has taken us so ahead that now human organs are being regenerated; the world has become a global village. If we fail to keep ourselves updated with the modern developments of the world, we will be colonialised,” Dr Malik added.

Chairman HEC Prof Dr Mukhtar Ahmed delivered the presidential address in which he lauded the performance of Iqra University in the higher education sector especially the dynamic role of IU’s Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Wasim Qazi.

“There will be no teachers in classrooms in coming 10 years, machines will replace humans. Teachers have a greater responsibility to play for country’s socio-economic progress. We always look towards other institutions for help, we must get our house in order before criticizing others. Our students need upbringing too alongside education. The teachers have to inculcate moral and ethical values in their students. The only solution to our problems is education. Business education has major role in economic development of the country.” He thanked the federal government for increasing the education budget and investment in the higher education sector.

Earlier, IU’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Wasim Qazi in his welcome address welcomed the chief guest and esteemed guests at Iqra University. “Technology and higher education go hand in hand. Universities are aggressively adopting technology leveraging the educational opportunities and for the purpose of improving quality of education”

He added that we are living in an era of intelligent Machines. In coming days, approximately 300 million Jobs will be taken over by Machines. Education is a big challenge now. If we don’t change the way, we teach we will be in trouble.

The way we teach, the things we teach, are the things from the past. Iqra University has started rethinking its approach towards education. We are moving beyond the wild goose chase of competition to collaboration for enhancing quality and standards of education. We are redesigning our learning environment aligning it with next generation learning technologies.

Dr Wasim Qazi also gave a briefing about the digital technology that is being used in digital and smart classrooms of the varsity which was highly praised by the audience.

Chairman National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC) Dr Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad, in his address, thanked Iqra University for hosting the occasion.