ISLAMABAD  -   Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Dr Fehmida Mirza Wednesday said that the agenda for the Council of Common Interests to debate important matters, including water issues, will be prepared soon.

“Unlike the previous government, the present government is holding the CCI meetings regularly as per the prescribed rules and regulation,” said Minister IPC Dr Fehmida Mirza while talking to The Nation.

The last meeting of Council of Common Interests (CCI) held meeting around two months before debating inter-provincial matters and disposed of previous pending matters.

The minister said that the chief ministers of all provinces will be informed about the agenda of the CCI after its finalisation.

“The incumbent government would not violate the rules... The meeting of CCI will be held as per schedule to resolve matters related to national level,” she added. The PTI’s government had so far held three meetings on different matters.

About the separate secretariat of CCI, the minister said that separate secretariat of the Council of Common Interests will be established soon to deal with the matter related to coordination among the provinces. “Legal and research wings is being established in the new building for separate CCI secretariat,” said the minister, mentioning that establishing a new secretariat would be in the credit present government as the previous government ignored this important factors.

The purpose of making a separate secretariat of the CCI would help dealing the matter swiftly, as many of important national level matters were being resolved at slow pace.

The constitutional experts were of the view that this separate secretariat would also help resolve differences among the provinces on different matters as issues would be dealt swiftly. The non-formation of permanent secretariat of CCI was also creating differences within government’s ranks.

According to the prescribed rules and procedures, there shall be a permanent Secretariat of the Council. According to the constitution (Article-154/3), the council must meet at least once in a month and have a permanent secretariat.

The CCI’s next meeting schedule has still not been issued. The tentative agenda of the meeting will be shared with the provinces to finalise one agenda till end of current month.