BEIJING-A Chinese senior programmer in a local bank developed a way to withdraw more than US$1 million in "free" cash from ATMs operated by his employer.

According to "Verge Technical" website, 43-year-old Qin Qisheng managed to withdraw over 7 million Yuan from the bank, all by exploiting a simple loophole. According to the website, the bank’s system didn’t properly record withdrawals made around midnight, effectively spitting out cash without removing the total from a user’s account. Normally, that might send up a red flag that a transaction had failed, but Qisheng allegedly inserted scripts into the system that suppressed those alerts. Qisheng started pulling out money in November 2016, but it wasn’t until January 2018, some 1,358 withdrawals later, that the bank discovered the bad code in its system and brought him to the authorities.

The bank didn’t want to keep pressing charges once he’d returned the money, fearing the bad publicity as the loophole has already been fixed.

"The bank reportedly asked police to drop the case but the courts refused, and Qisheng is now looking at 10 and half years in prison," the Verge added.