Islamabad -   Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) abolished its department of technical and transport section after alleged financial irregularities, officials said on Wednesday.  Officials said that the FDE in this regard has issued the office order and directed the relevant official to submit all the official record on same day.  Officials also added that the FDE has authorised all the directors to utilise the maintenance fund by themselves instead of seeking approval from the abolished department. An official said that the FDE has noted financial irregularities fuel consumption and maintenance of the vehicles. FDE has also abolished the cash section of the technical and transport section.  FDE DG has stated that abolishing of Technical and Transport section at FDE will led to eliminate the corruption from FDE.

He said that FDE has formed a purchase committee comprising officials with sound reputation to maintain the transparency in sale and purchase in the directorate.       

The office order issued said “The Director General, FDE has been pleased to order that the office of Tec and Transport section, FDE is abolished with immediate effect. Mr. Saleem Akhtar Awan Deputy Director will work as Deputy Director (P&D), FDE only. Mr Saleem Akhtar Awan is directed to handover all the fleet cards, keys of official vehicles, all record and keys of his office to Director (Admin& HR) today before closing hours.

All major purchases will be carried through tendering process as per requirement of PPR 200. However, minor purchases of routine nature below Rs25,000 including maintenance of government vehicles can be done by concerned directors (BS-19) of Wing/Section after approval of Director (Admin)”.

Earlier, FDE had also directed around 25 schools and colleges to return the amount to FDE misused in utilization of transport fund. Allegedly the funds were misused by the head of the institutions.