PR LAHORE - The government should resolve the mobile phone industry issues immediately. This industry is in deep crisis due to new texes and barriers imposed on import of phones.

This was stated by All Pakistan Mobile Phone Association’s president and eminent traders leader Babar Mahmood in a statement. He stated that the government has not taken any serious step towards mobile phone export. The Mobile Phone Association office bearers have talked to minister for revenue Hamad Azhar to resolve these issues after which the government has lifted ban on the import of used mobile phones but restrictions remain imposed by PTA on import of used and new mobile phones still exist and no step has been taken to lift this ban.

Babar Mahmood stated that because of these sanctions 95% traders will not be able to import mobile phones that will be a financial tragedy. These strict restrictions imposed by PTA should be removed and steps should be taken to address the worries of traders.

“We, all Pakistan mobile phone association office bearers, are in contact with the government and we have requested the government that easy system should be introduced for the import of mobile phones.” If our demands are not catered millions of traders will be deprived of their bread and butter.” Babar Mahmood thanked the minister for revenue Hamad Azhar for his efforts to resolve their issues. If governmet softens conditions for the import of mobile phones and reduces duty on import as a result the revenue of the government will definitely increase.