5th February is known as Kashmir Day which is observed to show support for Kashmiris who are living in the occupied Kashmir. This day is celebrated all over Pakistan as well as in Azad Jammu Kashmir. It is important to look at the history of Kashmir. Kashmir was a part of the subcontinent before partition and as Pakistan and India got separated, the issue of Kashmir started. Both India and Pakistan claim that Kashmir belongs to them, which has been a bone of contention since 1947. Currently, Indian forces have occupied Kashmir and continue to inflict terror on the citizens. This almost-70 year war has resulted in the deaths of millions of people.

It remains unclear what Kashmir’s future will be, but currently the Indian forces continue to fight brutally against Kashmir nationalists because they have a lot to gain from Kashmir.

While United Nation’s main purpose is to bring peace in the world and protect the rights of citizens around the world, however, their role in the Kashmir crisis has been minimal. There were attempts on their part to bring about a resolution in 1948 through a plebiscite, but that remains the extent of their involvement. No action has been taken against the brutality of the Indian forces on the Kashmiris. According to an estimated voting, 50% of Kashmiris voted to be the part of Pakistan, while 40% for India and other 10% wants independence. This result was complicated and so it ended in a stalemate.

After the last resolution, nothing positive has come on this front. The pending decision must be resolved to end the misery of the citizens of Kashmir and they should be allowed to make a decision for themselves.


Karachi, February 5.