Rawalpindi -   A man was arrested by police during a raid at a house located in a private housing society for raping his 13-year-old stepdaughter, said official sources on Wednesday.

The accused has been identified as Fazal-e-Hadi (50), who has confessed his crime, they said. Police have sent the victim girl (HB) to hospital for medical legal report (MLR), sources added. The inhuman incident took place within limits of Police Station (PS) Saddar Bairooni.

According to sources, the Saddar Circle Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Farhan Aslam received information from a source that a man namely Fazal-e-Hadi has been keeping his stepdaughter HB in a rented house located at Snober city on Adiala Road and raping her repeatedly .

They said DSP has constituted a special police team under supervision of Station House Officer (SHO) PS Saddar Bairooni Tariq and ordered it to raid the house and to arrest the accused. The police ream raided the house and held the accused besides recovering the victim girl and shifted them to police station for further investigation.

Sources disclosed that the house, where the accused was residing, is owned by a police officer.

DSP Farhan Aslam, however, when contacted, confirmed the arrest of accused. He said the accused confessed his crime.

 “My real parents have died while Fazal-e-Hadi is my step-father who rape me daily after subjecting under severe torture,” DSP quoted the victim girl as saying. He added the police have also taken into custody a younger brother of the girl. “Both the girl and her brother will be handed over to Child Protection Bureau Punjab,” the police officer said.

The girl was brought to hospital by police for MLR and First Information Report (FIR) would be registered against the accused after issuance of report of doctors.