Islamabad - Pakistan Agricultural Research Council and Rural Support Programmes Network Wednesday joined hands for capacity building to improve livelihoods of the poor community of the country. The objective of the MoU is to seek benefits for existing technical resources of PARC for implementation of climate-smart agriculture (vegetable and crop production), live stock, poultry and fisheries-related interventions in rural areas of Pakistan. As per terms and conditions of the memorandum, PARC would provide the technical assistance to RSPN, share best international practices with RSPN, Facilitate RSPN for organising of different training events related to agriculture, live stock, poultry and fisheries by providing technical resources and training facilities, foster linkage of RSPN for implementation of agriculture related projects/programmes in Pakistan, advice RSPN about approved varieties of vegetables and crop seeds and breed of livestock and poultry and also provide technical endorsement for agriculture proposals and modules.

 The RSPN will facilitate PARC in seeking community level support for research to be conducted on different aspects of livestock, poultry and fisheries. The RSPN will share community level issues on agriculture, live stock, poultry and fisheries with the PARC and provide space in RSPN’s Karachi office and targeted districts of Sindh for inters to be engaged in different research related activities.