MULTAN-Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has anticipated that a 'political train package' is coming soon and it is likely that the family package will surface in March.

Talking to the media here on Wednesday, he said that initially a deal was being discussed but now a full package deal was being done. "Either it is deal or dheel (relief), it cannot be done without Prime Minister's consent. I'll make the nation aware of the facts," he declared. He said that he is a true friend of the Premier who told him about the reality. He declared that he would meet with the Prime Minister tomorrow.

He said that the Prime Minister had added his name to the Public Accounts Committee. "In Sha Allah (God Willing) I am going to contest a case against the thieves in Supreme Court. "It is because of these thieves that today the electricity tariff and POL prices have gone up," he declared. He regretted that a person wanted in dozens of dishonesty, corruption and kickbacks cases is the chairman of accountability in National Assembly today. He said that the issuance of production order is a constitutional, legal and political misconduct and no law in the world allows production order for a person on remand. He said that he is not opposed to the speaker but his behaviour indicated that there is something fishy. He said that he does not do the politics of provinces, adding that he has no objection to production order for Kh Saad Rafiq. He said that if Saad Rafiq and Rana Sana Ullah are made members of Public Accounts Committee, he had no objection on it. He said that Imran Khan could be blamed for anything but corruption. He said that it is because of Imran Khan that money is coming from Saudi Arab and China. "But I tell you straightforward that we'll have to go to IMF in a few months," he predicted. He said that after IMF other banks like Islamic and Arab Bank would also approve loans.

He said that the impression that the passenger trains delivered losses is wrong. He said that the Railways institution is ruined by the looters and dacoits. He said that wherever he went, people asked him to tell Prime Minister not to forgive the dacoits.

He disclosed that the government is going to run a fast train between Multan and Rawalpindi which would be named as Thal Express. He disclosed that Prime Minister Imran Khan would inaugurate the train on February 12. He further revealed that another fast train Jinnah Express would also be launched on March 23 between Karachi and Rawalpindi.

The minister told the media that Pakistan Railways is going to introduce a new system which would enable people to track the location of trains from their homes. He said that a coach of train could be hired at Rs500,000. He said that he has shifted his office to Karachi for freight trains and now he would sit two days each a week in Lahore and Karachi. He said that no lazy worker would be allowed to stay in Railways and it would be turned into a model institution. He claimed that Pakistan Railways would soon become a profitable organ of the country.


Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) Vice Chancellor (VC) Dr Tariq Mahmood Ansari has said that health and education are two key areas which play a pivotal role in improving the standard of people's life.

He stated this while addressing after opening a two-day Hepatitis screening camp under the auspices of Multan Institute of Nuclear Medicines & Radiotherapy (MINAR), here on Wednesday.

He said that the varsity was not only trying to impart best education to students but also taking care of their health, adding that Hepatitis Screening camp was a step towards it. The VC urged the students as well as faculty to benefit from it. Briefing on the occasion, MINAR Chief Scientist Rubaida Mahmood informed that if hepatitis was not taken proper care, it turns into liver cancer.

She said that it was a silent killer, adding that one out of ten Pakistanis were suffering from hepatitis. A good number of students and faculty members were present on this occasion.