Punjab is the most populous region of Pakistan. The province which enables a political party to come into the federation is now under the command of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf and seems to have commencing projects and initiatives like never before. Housing, culture, transport and environment have been a focal area since the Punjab government assumed office. The housing and construction sector in Punjab has not been one of the primary aims of the previous regimes. However, PTI’s ‘Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme’ is not only for the poor working class but also a major boost for the private sector as well. Provincial Minister for Housing Mian Mahmoodur Rasheed has said that preference will be given to candidates who do not own any independent residential units in Pakistan. These Individual homes are to be made for the common man who earns between Rs10,000 and 25,000 a month. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has already received around 80,000 applications from Faisalabad. Although, the government has halted the allotment process in Faisalabad district to scrutinize these applications, the process will be done by mid-March 2019 and allotment will then take place. This initiative is definitely going to be a public- private partnership which would be a boost to the construction oriented industry thus also providing homes to the low- income strata society of Punjab who only dream of a permanent shelter all their working lives.

Companies from UAE and China have also shown interest in NPHS as stated by the minister. If this ‘NPHS’ comes off as a successful venture, it would definitely be a benchmark set by Punjab govt. Moreover, on January 16th, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has given approval for the construction of the Southern Loop III of Lahore Ring Road. The completion of this section would connect Lahore Ring Road with Multan Road which will drastically reduce the travel time for the commuters. Buzdar also emphasized on the culture and tourism of Punjab; he stated that like Lahore many other cities of Punjab enjoy a historical importance since they have the potential to promote tourism. There is no doubt that restoring historic buildings into their original shape would not just improve tourism internationally but also domestic based tourism would improve. He further emphasized and approved to hold festivals that project the multifaceted history and culture of the province. Underdeveloped and neglected historical sites of Punjab have always been a failure of previous regimes. However, the current government seems to turn its attention towards culture and tourism which could provide greater employment opportunities and boost the tourism industry, attracting the private sector as well.

Imran Khan’s ‘Green Pakistan’ has also commenced in Punjab in which 12 million saplings are to be planted. Thus, environment and pollution in the province is also going to be dealt with. Critics of the current Punjab govt have been of the view that the regime is declining and is at its worse state, must they be reminded that these initiatives are no layman projects and if these are fulfilled as promised by PTI, Punjab shall be on its roadway to prosperity like never before.

The writer is a law student of University London international degree programme.