Sindh government on Thursday has made polio vaccination compulsory for school going children.

According to details, a notification has also been issued in this regard.

Spokesman of Sindh Chief Minister (CM) said that stern action will be taken against the parents for refusing to administer polio drops to their children.

It is to be mentioned here that United Arab Emirates (UAE) had provided over 371.1 million units of polio vaccines to more than 57 million Pakistani children between 2014 and December 2018.

Shaikh Mohammad bin Zayed had donated $167 million (AED613.31 million) for the efforts aimed at eradicating poliomyelitis and the provision of vaccines for children, especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Pakistan is one of only three countries in the world, along with Afghanistan and Nigeria, that suffers from endemic polio, a childhood virus that can cause paralysis or death. A country must have no cases for three consecutive years in order to be considered to have eradicated polio by the World Health Organisation.