KASUR/KAMALIA-Rallies were organised to express solidarity with Kashmiri brethren by different organisations here the other day.

People belonging to all walks of life participated in the rallies organised by Jamaat-e-Islami, Jamatud Dawa, and Anjuman Talaba-e-Islam.

Addressing the rallies, speakers said that the struggle and sacrifices for the freedom of Kashmir would be fruitful one day. They said that the silence of United Nations (UN) and human rights organisations on the genocide of Kashmiri people was lamentable. They urged the rulers to raise voice at every forum for the resolution of Kashmir issue. “The oppression of Kashmiri people strengthens their freedom struggle,” they said. They also flayed the UN and human rights organisations for turning a blind eye towards Indian brutalities. They said that India’s dream of making Kashmir her integral part would never be fulfilled. They said that Quaid-e-Azam had termed Kashmir the jugular vein of Pakistan, and no Pakistani would let the jugular vein of his country fall into the hands of the enemy. “Now it is time for the government to play its due role for Kashmir cause,” they stated.

In Kamalia, a rally was organised in solidarity with Kashmiris. It was led by Provincial Minister for Women Development Ashifa Riaz Fatyana. Students, teachers of various schools and colleges and officers of different departments participated in the rally. Addressing the participants, Ashifa Riaz Fatyana said that Pakistan has always raised a stern voice against the state-led violence and atrocities in the occupied Kashmir. “The solution to the Kashmir dispute according to the UN resolutions is essential for peace in the region and India must face the truth by arriving at the resolution of the Kashmir issue. Kashmiri people are not alone in their struggle, but the entire Pakistani nation is with them. We highly condemn the inhuman treatment of the Kashmiris by. On the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day, the Pakistani nation reiterates its commitment to the moral, diplomatic and political support of the people of the occupied Kashmir.”, she stated.

“Kashmiri sisters have been brutally raped in Kashmir and brothers, sons, fathers lost their lives. They only want their right to self determination and for this, they are sacrificing their lives.” she said. Ashifa Riaz Fatyana stated that the young generation will have to convey the voice of Kashmiris through their smartphones to the world as the UN has become absolutely deaf to the cries in occupied Kashmir.

Other prominent social figures including Assistant Commissioner Kamalia Rao Tasleem Akhtar, Vice Chairman Municipal Committee Kamalia Chaudhary Mehmoodul Hassan Jutt, MS Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Kamalia Dr Ameen Sheikh, and PTI Tehsil President Dr Zafar Iqbal Jakhar also participated in the rally.