Have you got an SMS informing you that your ATM has been blocked? Does the message then instruct you to call a certain cell phone to ensure that your ATM works properly?

Recently I received a SMS from an unknown number saying “Dear customer your ATM card has been blocked because you did not have an update it yet. If you want your ATM card to work properly, then contact on given numbers.”

When I go and to check my ATM card I found it’s worked pretty fine and the bank manager said this SMS is totally a fake SMS. When I discussed with my friend then he said I don’t have any bank account but yes I got also receive a same SMS from an unknown number.

While most are aware of these fraudulent practices, like Bank ATM card and some other may also exist such as Benazir Income Support Program and Jeeto Pakistan winning cash prizes” they all are fake SMS and few residents do fall victim to these scams. When peoples calls on their given number then they asked for their sensitive information such as CNIC, bank account details etc. The first thing you need to do on receiving a SMS is to give a call to your bank to verify it. Bank customers were also advised to take the necessary steps to protect their bank account information, including the details of their payment cards, and to never share their personal information with strangers.

I request the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Federal Investigation Agency and the other concern authorities to take an action against all such criminals who send these fake text messages to people and steal their sensitive data.