An accident with a Mirage combat jet has taken place during a training flight near Shorkot city, Punjab province, according to Pakistan news website Arynews.

A Pakistan Air Force Mirage aircraft has crashed near Shorkot during a routine training mission, local media reported.

The Air Headquarters has formed a committee to investigate the causes behind the crash, Pakistan news website Arynews reports.

According to reports, there are no victims or damage as a result of the crash. 

​In January, two Pakistani air force pilots were killed in a PAF FT-7 aircraft crash during a training flight in the Mianwali district, where M.M. Alam airbase is located.

19 people were killed and 16 others injured in July 2019 in a Pakistan Army Aviation plane crash in Rawalpindi in Pakistan's Punjab province. The crash reportedly caused a massive fire which engulfed several houses nearby. 

Pakistan's Air Force has been operating Mirage combat jets for the last five decades. Despite the introduction of the JF-17, the force has put the retirement of the Mirage on hold due to the absence of better alternatives.

Over the past five decades, Pakistan has acquired nearly 150 Mirage III/V fighters. The force has previously also bought retired Mirage-III jets from Australia.