KARACHI             -               A student was deprived of his motor­cycle, cell phone and other valuables in Karachi in broad daylight on Thursday.

The incident, which took place in the Lucky Star area, gives the lie to the law en­forcement agencies’ claims of making efforts to rein in street crime.

CCTV footage shows two men on a motorcycle snatching a bike from the student as one of them slaps the youngster while the oth­er gets off and snatches the bike from the youngster.

Later, a third man emerg­es with a pistol in his hand and loots mobile phone and other valuables from the student.

According to crime sta­tistics released by Citizen Police Liaison Commit­tee (CPLC) in the month of January, as many as 2,546 two-wheelers were stolen while 151 others snatched at gunpoint in December. Out of the total snatched and stolen bikes, 395 were recovered.

The incidence of bike theft topped the list of street crimes reported in the Kara­chi city last month.