LAHORE - President and Members of Executive Council of Pakistan of Veterans of Pakistan condemn the vilification campaign launched on social media by certain elements against Ikram Sehgal. One of the founding members of VOP (Formerly PESA) Ikram Sehgal is considered as good a patriot and valiant son of Pakistan as any other serving or ex- servicemen.

Whatever he has done during the last two decades in service of the people upholding the name of Pakistan is on record.  Providing free of cost armed security guards at more than 100 churches in Pakistan since 2013 on behalf of VOP, without making any personal publicity has earned worldwide praise for Pakistan.

A non government event the World Economic Forum (WEF) is funded through its own membership. Mr Sehgal is the moving force from Pakistan and has been sponsoring representations from Pakistan for the last nineteen years without seeking any personal benefits. He arranges meetings of our leaders with top executives of the international business community. Provision of security services to diplomatic missions of United States and other countries is purely on merit. Ikram Sehgal is being condemned on the basis of a fake official letter by vested motivated individual out of pure jealousy and personal hatred just for providing security services. In that case, would we also call other suppliers of goods and services to diplomatic missions as pro-US and anti-state?  

It is distressing to see such a treatment being meted out towards a devoted son of Pakistan who is rendering selfless services for the country. This vilification campaign should stop.

Ikram Sehgal is a self made man. His success story needs to be studied as a model by our young people.  VOP condemns this despicable vilification and fully supports Ikram Sehgal.  VOP is proud of him!

CPNE unanimously

supports Ikram Sehgal

A spate of malicious propaganda against respected CPNE member Ikram Sehgal despite his years of service supporting Pakistan’s image in the world was taken note of by CPNE Standing Committee on 31 Jan 2020 at its recent Meeting in Lahore.

The CPNE members unanimously supported Ikram Sehgal and lauded his efforts in the service of the country on the international stage. To quote the press release, “The CPNE Stranding Committee members condemned the ongoing negative propaganda on social media contradictory to the facts regarding the holding of ceremony on the occasion of World Economic Forum at Davos by Vice President CPNE Ikram Sehgal and also expressed solidarity with Ikram Sehgal.”.