KARACHI                 -             A walk to fight against cancer outside the Ghulam Muhammad Mahar Medical College, Sukkur held to mark World Cancer Day here on Thursday.

A large number of students, teachers, civil society represen­tatives, citizens, doctors, medi­cal and nursing and cancer pa­tients participated in the walk.

The participants were holding placards and banners inscribed with encouraging slogans for cancer patients and awareness quotes.

Principal, Mahar Medical Col­lege, Dr Aftab Soomro said that cancer was very serious dis­ease, but it could be avoided by adopting healthy lifestyle and indulging in physical activities and exercises.

He stressed on the need for quitting smoking and use of all kinds of tobacco that is a root-cause of many types of cancers.

DHO Sukkur Dr Muneer Man­grio said breast cancer preva­lence in Pakistan is higher than entire Asia.

However there is no specific data of total cancer patients in Pakistan as there is no central­ized cancer registry.

He emphasized on self-ex­amination for breast cancer. If women feel any lump then they should consult their doctor for further diagnosis and treat­ment, he said.

Dr Ghulam Hyder Rind Dr Shahid Mirani and other health experts told the participants that cancer is 90 percent cur­able if it is timely diagnosed. “Treatment is more successful today than ever,” they remarked.

They emphasized that once cancer is diagnosed it should be treated at multi-disciplinary fa­cility because cancer treatment is not the job of a single doctor.

Dr Ghulam Hyder Rind urged for living a simple life, consum­ing simple and healthy food and doing regular exercise to prevent cancer and many other dreaded diseases.


Experts say that the Corona virus is a new respiratory dis­ease that currently has no cure in the world. In 98% of the peo­ple, the virus itself is eradicated but by strict adherence to sani­tation and preventive measures, the disease Can be avoided.

The Corona virus belongs to the Corona family, from which SARS and MERS first appeared in 2002 and 2012. They said this while addressing an aware­ness seminar organized by the Karachi Press Club in collabo­ration with the Dow University of Health Sciences.Press Club Secretary Arman Sabit and Joint Secretary Saqib Sagheer also addressed on this occasion.

The seminar was attended by Press Club treasurer Raja Kamran, Governing Body mem­ber Liaquat Mughal and a large number of journalists.

The symptoms of the corona virus are A-type pneumonia, fe­ver and flu, said Shaheen Shara­fat, director of the Dow Lab. Usually drugs for penumonia are tried to treat it. There is currently no cure in the world except for the only symptom­atic treatment in which there is a reduction in the severity of the fever, oxygen and other measures are taken to restore respiration.