PESHAWAR The US Consulate has displayed the pictures of its 'loyal personalities on its website and these dignitaries belong to bureaucratic and political circles of the NWFP. The pictures on depict various officers and political leaders while taking big grants from the US officials. It is learnt that these persons meet Americans regularly and law enforcement agencies have informed the government high-ups about their secret meetings. The Consulate has shown the pictures of two DMG and one PSP officers on its website who are famous in bureaucratic circles for their leaning towards the US. Likewise the pictures of an MNA and a female MPA are also present on the website. The Government has time and again directed both the circles to get a no objection certificate from the Foreign Office before meeting any ambassador. It is worth mentioning here that several bureaucrats are working on the US dictation and the officials of law enforcement agencies are playing the role of silent spectators. On the other hand, consulates of other countries, including other American consulates in Pakistan, havent shown picture of any bureaucrat or a political leader on their websites.