Dr A.H. Khayal A mind-boggling and heart-rending uncertainty is hanging over Pakistan like Damocles sword. Anything immensely disastrous could hit the country any moment. God forbid, if some disaster did hit the country, only the poor masses would be hit the hardest. But the affluent Pakistanis wouldnt be affected at all. They wouldnt be affected because almost every affluent Pakistani has built a Pakistan for himself abroad. He would straightway fly to his private Pakistan. The affluent Pakistanis use the Quaids Pakistan just as a holiday resort. Unfortunately, some Pakistanis have been trying to destroy Pakistan for the last 63 years. For 63 years, Pakistan has been looking at the skies with tears-drenched eyes and lamenting: O God Some Pakistanis are trying to kill me. Please rescue me from them. During the entire human history, God has gifted only a handful of supreme leaders to the world. Generally, the countries have been ruled by heartless political ruffians. If a country is in dire troubles, only a supreme leader can rescue it. But unfortunately, a supreme leader cannot be artificially created. A supreme leader is a divine gift. George Washington was a Destinys gift to America. The Americans did not plan his birth. Mao was a Destinys gift to China. The Chinese did not plan his birth. Khamenei was a Destinys gift to Iran. The Iranians did not plan his birth so on and so on. Every supreme leader is a supreme miracle. Obviously, we desperately need a supreme leader. But unfortunately we cant create such a redeemer. But there is still a hope available. The Pakistani masses should keep praying round-the-clock for a supreme leader. And they should keep praying till the divine heart melts. The supreme quality of a supreme leader is that he detests politics. When a supreme leader appears on the scene, the professional politicians hide themselves under ground. They keep rotting there till the leaders departure for heaven. A supreme leader does not rule. He only serves. As long as he serves, the country is a paradise for the masses and a hell for the professional politicians. Ever since Pakistans birth, our politicians have been making amendments in the national constitution. Unfortunately, the amendments have not been productive. Instead of improving the miserable lot of the masses, the amendments have further worsened their misery. Would that the politicians gave up making amendments in the constitution and started making amendments in their personal conduct Every great country is a creation of one or two supreme leaders. When a supreme leader gets power, he destroys the old structure of the country and buries the politicians under the rubble. He raises a new structure which the professional politicians find it almost impossible to damage. A supreme leader is allergic to wealth. On the contrary, a professional politician is wealth-mad. Unfortunately, the politically looted wealth destroys the eyesight of the looter. His eyes are unable to see the misery of the masses. The richer the looter grows, the poorer his eyesight grows. The poverty of the masses is extremely scared of a supreme leader. As the supreme leaders hold grows firmer and firmer, the poverty of the masses flees the country faster and faster. Generally, a professional politician is a saleable commodity. Sometimes he sells himself simultaneously to more than one buyer. He calculates his success in terms of his sales proceeds. The more the proceeds, the greater the success. The supreme leader also sells himself. But he sells himself as a slave to the masses absolutely free of charge. For the masses, the slavery of the supreme leader is a golden period of their lives. During its entire history, Pakistan has sometimes been governed by feudal barons, sometimes by military barons, sometimes by bureaucratic barons and sometimes by political barons. Unfortunately, under all these barons the masses have been extremely miserable. Because of starvation, self-killing has been a common phenomenon. If the country was blessed with a supreme leader, he would never allow starvation to kill even a single citizen. And if he could not feed all the citizens, he would starve himself to death. Only a supreme leader is the remedy for our ages-old national ills. The writer is an academic.