It is strange how peoples perceptions change overnight. At one time Benazir Bhuttos government was thought of as corrupt and sometimes she was hailed as the daughter of the East. Media carried a lot of programmes and stories on her anniversary. The very people, who criticized her during her reign, are were praising her. Have we forgotten all the money laundering scams during her era? The once criticized is now the visionary. The amount of money spent on Bilawal Bhuttos security in London is a staggering amount. Why do the people of Pakistan have to pay for his security? It has always been a surge of feudal and personalized politics in our country. Trustworthy and honest people cannot enter the race. Our people have lost their sense of identity owing to the proxy war of terrorism that we are fighting on behalf of the Americans. The drone attacks are not justified and yet they keep happening round the clock. The pity is that the government itself has given a green signal to the Obama Administration for these attacks. Where would all this lead us to? For the youth of the country, these questions are very much perturbing. The on-going phenomenon of brain drain is precisely due to these very causes. SAQLAIN AMER, January 6.