In my view, Governor Punjabs assassination in the Federal Capital could not be termed as a political assassination due to the crystal clear statement made by the killer, without any kind of pressure or guilty feelings. There could not be any chance of political motivation as Malik Mumtaz Qadri did not hurt or made an attempt to kill any other person and even did not make any attempt to escape from the crime scene and surrendered himself at his own will to the security men. Its proven by the personal statement and crime circumstances that the motivating force was only religious and nothing else. All things will finally be decided by the court. Here, we should see our constitution in force that states without any ambiguity that Islam shall be the state religion and there shall not be any law against the teachings or injunctions of holy Quran and Sunnah mubarika and remember that we have chosen the constitutional name of our country as Islamic Republic of Pakistan due to Islamic ideology. This means there must not be any activity in any way by anyone and especially by anyone in state authority to condemn any law, which is to secure our Islamic ideology. It is the prime responsibility of the government to remain vigilant all the time on this constitutional issue and assure absolute religious respect that has been defined in our constitution. KHALID MUSTAFA, January 6.