Senator Raza Rabbani is accredited with building a consensus on the 18th and 19th amendment as Chairman of All Party Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Reforms. Would it be possible for the talented senator to forge a consensus on the building of vital Kalabagh dam between the five provinces of Pakistan? The panacea for solving our water and power shortage problems bedevilling the economy of Pakistan lies in the post haste building of the only possible dam within 6 to 7 years while Bhasha dam would take more than a decade to build with its numerous roadblocks. If Senator Raza Rabbani succeeds to break the logjam over the dam he would be remembered in the history as true saviour of Pakistan to the lasting benefit of his party. Let us hope and pray that he rises to the occasion once more before the expiry of PPP governments term. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, January 6.