ISLAMABAD - The Implementation Commission on 18th Constitutional Amendment deferred the devolution of Ministry of Health to provinces in the second phase due to technical reasons while the rest of four ministries would be handed over to the provinces by February 28, almost two months late of scheduled given earlier. The Implementation Commission was to devolve five ministries including the Ministry of Health in the second phase to the provinces in the first week of January but as the federal ministers of these ministries had tried to prevail on the Implementation Commission to get their ministries out of the devolution process but the Chairman of Implementation Commission Senator Raza Rabbani resisted it saying everything would be implemented as per the decision. The ministries to be devolved to provinces included ministries of Education, Tourism, Social Welfare and Culture while the fifth one - Ministry of Health - would not be handed over to provinces in this phase due to some technical reasons and it would be doled out to provinces in the last phase which would be completed by June 30. Meanwhile, the Implementation Commission also decided to hand over a number of subordinate departments of Ministries of Interior, Law and Justice and Ports and Shipping to the provinces. Sources in the Implementation Commission informed that the delay in the handing over the ministries in the second phase was done due to the meddling of certain ministers in the affair as the Federal Ministers for Culture and Education had written letters to Rabbani not to devolve these two ministries and listed a series of arguments in support of their demand. He further said that that violation of the 18th Amendment would be the breach of the Constitution of Pakistan and they would not indulge in any anti-constitutional act.