The anger of PPP workers at the killing of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer was visible at the Governor House, before and during his funeral prayer. However, this anger should not be directed against anyone for political reasons, and the senior leaders of the party who are encouraging such rashness should not be doing so. The only reason they can have for doing this is their attempt to be more loyal than the king, and provide one individual the strength to impose on the party, which is already providing him protection against the courts, to force it to act against a provincial government which cannot be faulted for its behaviour with the Governor in his lifetime, let alone have any complicity in his death. The statements by Federal Law Minister Babar Awan and party Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab are inflammatory, not emollient, and instead of improving the situation, have made it worse. The two, who spoke to the PPP Punjab Assembly parliamentary party meeting, which took place in the Punjab Assembly cafeteria on Wednesday, after the funeral, tried to establish a link between the provision of security by the Punjab government and the assassination, which was carried out by a member of that security detail. Dr Awan seemed to be venting personal spleen, for while complaining about the security provided to the Governor he also complained about his own. He did not explain how the provision of better security could have helped if someone on the detail developed religious reasons for deciding to kill the Governor. Such statements are also unfortunate before the investigations are complete. At present, it seems reasonably clear that the assassination took place because of the perpetrators belief that the Governor was trying to get the blasphemy law changed, and he seems to have acted alone. Though no one is asking the PPP to stress this, its senior leaders should not be a party to the twisting of facts, especially when there is no justification. The path that the PPP has embarked on is not one of reconciliation, even though that is the one that is needed most, at a time when not just a governor has been assassinated, but the federal government has lost its majority. The PPP central leadership must act to contain this insidious accusation, which will do the party more harm than good, because it will ensure that the party, its leaders will learn the wrong lessons from the tragedy that has just occurred. Also, with the fate of the central government hanging in balance, federal ministers must avoid egging on workers if they hope to save the government.