There are some very important and pertinent questions about Reko Diq that every patriotic Pakistani should be concerned about. Like why this resource has not yet been exploited to its full potential, and which are the hidden forces who have delayed its utilization and what are their vested interests etc. The answers to these questions must be sought from our so-called leaders. One is surprised to know that on one side, we have such huge resources of national wealth and on the other, we are begging the international community to write off our debt obligations. The present state of our economy desperately needs immediate and complete utilization of all available national resources. However, we have been unable to do so because of the lack of will on the part of those who matter due to their selfish interests. What we hear instead is that the burden of deteriorating economy should be passed to the common man by imposing new taxes and withdrawing the subsidies. One of the hurdles in development of this resource could be the distrust that exists between federal government and the provinces. The federal government does not enjoy a good repute in payment of royalties to the provinces for such mega projects. It is also commonplace that the affected people will be left high and dry. I will also urge other common Pakistanis not to remain silent on this plunder of national wealth and raise their voices in any possible form, no matter how insignificant, against ongoing anarchy and chaos. I intend to do the same through this letter. UMAIR AFZAL, Rawalpindi, January 6.